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Susan manages contractors that report environmental incidents from their phones, to a private ThunderMaps account.

The responders closest to incidents get updates and mobile alerts so that they can work efficiently.

Susan can add and edit incidents from the office and can easily co-ordinate incident response.

Susan’s database updates automatically.

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Steve is working when he notices a hazard.

He uses his phone to take a photo, and quickly report the hazard to his workmates.

Steve doesn’t have to fill in a paper form and the right people are instantly aware of the hazard.

The Health and Safety Manager has access to this private account and gets Steve’s alert too.

The manager knows that the right workers are alerted. He can focus on getting the hazard isolated.

builder gets hazard alert from ThunderMaps App

How do I start a free trial?


1Think about the information that you could better communicate with mobile phones.


2Talk to the people that you want to test mobile reporting and improved location awareness.


3Open a free trial account and follow the steps. Our team will help you with setup if you need it.


4Your account is ready to be tested. Your free trial is via SaaS, so there will be no lock-in or hidden fees.

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Geoff Munn, ThunderMaps user

“When new software starts changing my day-to-day behavior, that makes me situp and take notice.  When it was time to take my wife to the hospital to deliver our child, I found myself checking ThunderMaps for road delays…

What ThunderMaps does next will be worth watching.”

Neil Calvert, of Spatial.IQ

“a great, simple, focused and cheap solution which really works – and deployed in minutes allowing field teams to generate value immediately.

Cassandra Crowley, CEO Local Government Online

“ThunderMaps could be a great tool for geodata sharing with the public on council websites, in order to meet the demands of smart, connected and data hungry communities.”

Breccan McLeod-Lundy, Head Developer

First comes information, then knowledge, then wisdom. Developers can’t make the world wise, but we do have the power to get accurate information into the hands of others.

ThunderMaps is about providing the tools to get the job done.”

The Morgan Foundation

“We were able to put our branding on their software and crowd source the location of feral cat colonies – we control the data, moderate the quality of reports and allow this information to be instantly accessed and filtered by anyone that wants to know.”

Get accurate information to the right people

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