Milford Road Slip Rock - Get NZTA traffic alerts through ThunderMaps

Get NZTA road alerts – Crashes & Hazards.

Be notified of serious road events anywhere in New Zealand by accessing NZTA data on ThunderMaps.

Get a warning when serious road events happen in your area of interest – things like:

  • crashes
  • slips
  • ice
  • high wind
  • flooding
  • road works
  • traffic congestion

To receive road alerts via live NZTA data, draw an area on the map around the area you care about: Go here to begin.

Listening to this data feed could be useful for you if:

  1. You’re a truck driver
  2. You’re a bus driver or cab driver
  3. You regularly commute long distances
  4. You’re about to go on a long distance trip
  5. You’re safety conscious, or just curious about how technology can help you live better

Access the NZTA data that is relevant to you or your business – start here.

About the Author

Clint Van Marrewijk

Clint is the founder of ThunderMaps. He's an ex-mechanical engineer that somehow ended-up building software for a living. In his spare time Clint likes to read books and build things. He is also a full stack developer (of pancakes) and he’s a keen squash player of mediocre ability.