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We improve the connection between public authorities and their communities

With our smart city communication solution, public authorities have a chance to engage citizens like never before. Our apps help authorities save costs by efficiently handling complaints and reports.

Helping you engage citizens and communicate important information

  • Traffic monitoring and accident reporting
  • Event and entertainment alerts
  • Sports grounds closures
  • Graffiti reporting

Two way communication with the public

Send vital alerts

Your citizens get geo-targeted alerts about important information from many sources – giving them a rich, personalised user experience.

Location-based reports

Your staff and citizens use their mobile to send structured, location-specific reports and see reports others have made.

Workflow & Analysis

Track and manage the progress of issues from discovery through to resolution, saving time, money and giving city leaders visibility.

Whitepaper: How to increase citizen dialogue via digital channels

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Winner of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 innovation program.

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